This website is dedicated to the memory of Lt. Col. Joseph Trane McCloud, a member of the Second Battalion, Third Marines, who died in a helicopter accident in Haditha, Iraq on December 4, 2006.  Trane, the son of Military Moms Prayer Group member Roma Anderson, was a Marine’s marine, who had served his country from the Philippines to Somalia to the Persian Gulf, where he had served in Desert Storm.  He left behind his wife, Maggie, and three young children: a son Hayden, 7, and daughters Grace, 5, and Meghan, 3.

Following Trane’s full military funeral at Arlington National Cemetery, an eagle soared over his flag-draped coffin, just as the sun burst through the clouds.





“I know that if he had a choice, he’d do it again, because he cared so much for his country,” said his mom, Roma.   “And he Roma Anderson of Military Moms Prayer Groupwas committed to his mission.  He told me, ‘The Iraqi people don’t deserve to live in the fear they live in.’”

As for Roma, she says, “This whole experience has tempered me. It’s drawn me into a closer relationship with God, as I strive to take on the image of Christ. Trane’s sacrifice helps me relate to Christ’s sacrifice – for his love for us.  Whenever I’m in a crowd of people, I try to look at them through God’s eyes, through eyes of love.  And I say quietly to myself, my son died for you.”

In Honor of Trane McCloud

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