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Inspiration for Families with military overseas
Founded in August, 2006 in Vero Beach, Florida, by Pam Proctor with the support of Linda Colontrelle, Margy Kulczycki, Gail Reams, and Michele Scales, the Military Moms Prayer Group brings together women of faith to pray weekly for our sons and daughters in uniform.  The group includes mothers, grandmothers, aunts and spouses of servicemen and women, as well as cheerleaders” without relatives in the military who join with us to offer support and encouragement.

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Our sons and daughters are posted to trouble spots throughout the world, from the deserts of Iraq…to the mountains of Afghanistan…to the jungles of South America.  They range in rank from Army privates to Navy commanders and include Navy SEALS, Army criminal investigators, Marine Corps pilots, Army Special Forces, Navy Seabees, Army Rangers, Air Force aerospace engineers, Navy flight officers, Army musicians, and Army nurses, to name a few.

The Military Moms Prayer Group meets to pray for the troops from 5-6 P.M. every Thursday at Christ Church Vero Beach, 925 14th Lane, Vero Beach, FL  32960.  Click here to learn more about Christ Church Vero Beach.




Week after week, as we pray with no holds barred in our ownCatholic, Jewish, Protestant or Orthodox traditions, we feel the palpable presence of God’s Spirit, giving us strength, courage, and hope. 

Military Moms Prayer Group- gather to pray for soldiers

New members are always welcome. Whether you can participate in our weekly prayer group in Vero Beach or simply set aside an hour every Thursday  to meditate and pray, we embrace you as part of our circle of faith.  For information, call Pam Proctor at 772-231-2221.


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